Healthy weight loss without diet – no pills

No Pills
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Good and permanent weight loss can only be achieved with common sense and patience. We do not want to claim that there will never be a panacea on the market that will make you lose weight effortlessly. It will come, it is only a matter of time. However, it is not there yet. So until the panacea is for sale at the Kruidvat you will have to make do with these natural basics of healthy weight loss.

1. Eat less sugar and fat

We will keep this brief if you don't mind. Too much food makes you fat, so eat less. Also, pay special attention to getting less sugar and less (saturated) fat. If you get more energy than you need, it will be stored as fat.

2. Burn more energy

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All energy that you do not immediately burn is stored as fat. As soon as you start exercising more you will burn more energy. In the first instance, you burn a supply of carbohydrates. You can compare this with kindling wood in the fireplace. They burn hard, but for a short time.

When your carbs are used up (after about 30 minutes of exercise) your body starts burning fat. You get more energy from this. Moreover, it is this combustion from which you fall. Compare fat with glowing hearths, they provide a lot of energy for a long duration.

3. Choose food that is close to nature

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By this, we mean that you choose unprocessed food as much as possible. The most unprocessed food is organic vegetables. An example of very processed food is a bag of sweets with colorings, flavorings, and preservatives.

Non-natural additives are added to processed food to make it tastier, more durable or more beautiful. Although processed food is often tasty, it is often less healthy.

How do you practically apply this?  Look in the supermarket on the product label for the number of ingredients. Does a product contain a lot of ingredients that you cannot pronounce? Then it is probably considerably edited.

4. Ensure balance

To give an example: every vegetable has specific properties. One is rich in antioxidants, the other in vitamin C and another in fiber. You need it all, so prefer to eat a little bit of everything.

5. Enjoy every bite

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Develop yourself into a foodie. It is nice to taste food well, to really let the taste penetrate you. By doing this you will discover after a while that the tasty BigMac is a piece of ‘army' taste than, for example, fresh broccoli.

By trying to appreciate the taste of everything you eat you will enjoy eating more. Try something that you find dirty. Let the taste affect you, why do you find it dirty? Can you try to enjoy it by, for example, appreciating the bitter taste?

6. Disconnect emotionally from food

At the core, you eat to survive. If you want to lose weight it is important to look at the food that way. You must nourish your body and keep it healthy. Try to disconnect emotionally. Do not eat to comfort yourself, do not eat out of habit. Only eat if your body clearly says “I'm hungry!”

Eating healthy and losing weight is simple

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