Inner Child

7 ways to heal your inner child

Why is the healing of the inner child so immensely important?
Your inner child is pure joy of life.
Your inner child can lead you into the liveliness of life, full of energy.
Your inner child is the gateway to your creativity.
Your inner child helps you to be astonished again, to be spontaneous and to inspire you.

Your inner child is a helpful explanatory model,
… to see through your mechanisms,
… to no longer be the “victim” of your programs
… to heal feelings, experiences and memories from your own childhood
… and to finally find yourself.

Your inner child is an important inner part, when it is healed, we can really act as adults instead of reacting from old childish patterns.
The healing of your inner child helps you to free yourself from your self-made prison. It is time for your inner child to grow up, for that is the prerequisite for the completion of the awakening process.

I'll show you 7 ways to heal your inner child:


1. Awakening & your inner child :

Inner Child

When we awaken / grow up, we realize that we are not independent beings, but that there is something higher, the search begins, then we may pray to God or deal with angels. We evolve and discover that we are not just the body, that we are not egos, but that all is a consciousness in which “I” and your inner child happen. So no ego with consciousness, but consciousness, that experiences itself as ego. Then consciousness wakes up in the body, realizes itself, I do “puff” and IT is recognized. In this process, there is a cleaning before and after.
And that includes the healing (in german spirituelles heilen) of the inner child .

How do you experience life?
As consciousness in a body or as consciousness in which a body appears?
Are you your inner child or are you what your inner child appears to be?
What are you identified with?
What are you and what are you not?
Explore your true nature by distinguishing.

2. Discover your inner child and his programming

In the first years the ego develops, that is important, because only a strong ego can eventually surrender to the divine. Did you know that your inner-child ego programs that determine your life manifest themselves until the age of 4? The computer is almost finished without us even talking. Until we get to know and heal our inner child , we run like 4 year olds through the world. That's why two 4-year-olds often quarrel in conflicts, and it's usually the 4-year-old who desperately wants to beg for the love of her partner (= mom & dad).
Misery or? Therefore it is NOW time to get to know your programming of the first 4 years and to heal your inner child .

Begin to see through your unconscious programming. Observe the repetitive patterns you are following. Anything that is unconscious has power over you, if you are aware of something, you can withdraw that energy from it. That's why all my courses are always about becoming conscious and feeling, because everything automatically comes into its own.


3. Take responsibility for your inner child

It's time to empty your backpack and leave the self-made prison. A self-determined adult bears responsibility for himself and his inner child , perhaps even for his pets and his own small children, for no one else, not for partners, parents who are all adults. of course you can help when you are asked and do it wholeheartedly, but you can take the backpack of the others safely from your shoulders. For this we can take the absolute responsibility for our feelings and for our inner child .

If you feel exploited, disappointed, even though you are always there for others,
…. if you are lonely, needy, because nobody is there for you,
… if you expect something from other people, but can only ask for help with difficulty ….
… .then it is urgent time to take responsibility for your inner child and to empty the backpack.
If we keep the backpack, we live in a self-created prison.
Let's blow up the wall!

Take your backpack off your back and look inside:
Do you really want to lug it all away with you?
Are you ready to wear your inner child instead?

4. Your inner child needs your compassion

heal your Inner Child

Your inner child may be as it is and it is always welcome. It does not need to be treated. Accept it RADICAL. By radical (radix = root) I mean perfect. A baby is needy, without adults, it would starve, if not just a monkey gang comes over and it grows up in the jungle Wink.Are you ready to accept your inner child completely and from now on to look after your most helpless aspect, for your inner child ? This is none other than you in your most helpless version!

Imagine you had SUFFERED as a child.
You would have been enough and never too loud, too small, too quiet, too fat.
But we all learned not to suffice, we were too attached, too timid, too stubborn, too angry.

What are the ones of your childhood?
Were you a too quiet child or too loud a child?
What have you been told or felt?
Can you have compassion for the quiet, loud, angry child?
Can you see that your inner child and your parents have only ever given their BEST?

5. Your inner child and the maturity process

If we ourselves are still like little children waiting for a Savior in the outside, be it Jesus or the prince on the white horse, then it will be difficult to hold our inner child , to bear it, to give it security and security. The ripening process is very often not completed and so it is quite normal for your inner child to rage and scream when it does not get its will and feel rejected. As long as your inner child has not completed the maturing process, you can not help but act out of the inner child . When your inner child is healed (or Heile dein inneres Kind) it is an integrated part of you that stands for your creativity, joy, liveliness, and lets the everyday situations be done by your adult.

I divided the maturing into 3 phases.
This maturation process begins at
… inner baby,
… goes over the inner child ,
… to the teenager (rebel)
and leads to an authentic awakened adult life that has retained its childlike wonder and joy.

Are you already out of your rebel phase or are you still the helpless baby?
Do you react due to old patterns or do you act consciously out of your midst?
How mature is your inner child?


6. Your inner child wants to contact you

Inner Child

Maybe you have even more compassion for your inner child and are ready to take responsibility for it? You can now understand how your inner child is doing.
What do you feel for your inner child ? What do you want to tell him? There is certainly a lot, right? Then it would be time to get in direct contact.

There are several ways to contact, I give you 3 to choose from.
1. Write a letter to your inner child . Remember, you write to a child, so write easy and understandable.

2. Take a children's photo and talk to your inner child . How is he? Maybe you want to tell why you want deeper contact or maybe you have questions too.

3. times with the inner child . Feel into your heart and ask your inner child if you want to paint a picture together. That's how creativity can flow again.

You can also receive guided meditations from me here , eg meeting in the magic forest and the heart room meditation for your inner child .

7. Your inner child is the key to inner peace

I consider the healing of the inner child to be one of the most important keys to a life of freedom and inner peace, because as long as the old programs still control us unconsciously, we always want to be something special, to be seen, respected, missing, loved, etc . become. THAT IS EGO – you are not. These are programs in you, in this case with the heading ” inner child ” and they are real, but that's not you. It is your job to grow up and take responsibility for emotions and life situations …. I repeat myself … yes … on purpose. Let us regain the inner freedom of the inner child and lead a self-determined life as an adult.

Directions for the deeper process of peace of your inner child:
The goal is your own growing up, your inner peace, your maturation into a responsible awakened adult who has integrated his inner child.


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