How to lose weight? 9 Easy Tips To Lose Weight

           How to lose weight? 9 Easy Tips To Lose Weight



          TV and the web salt this fitness so much that a dieter doesn’t really know what to believe – or where to start. In this article, 9 practical tips for dieters.

           Next top a few realities:

          Wondering how to lose weight fast?

         If you have been accumulating crab in your stomach for years, then you should slightly adjust that attitude in the direction that weight loss is also slow.

       A healthy weight loss rate is usually about 0.5 kg per week.

       At the very beginning, the weight may drop even more. For example, if you switch to a low-carbohydrate diet, you will initially comfortably leave your bodyweight off.

      Carbohydrate binds liquid to the body, that is, if you eat a plate of chocolate, your cheeks and stomach will collect as a result. fluid edema. Typically, 1 gram of carbohydrate may accumulate 3            grams of liquid weight.

       That is, by minimizing bad carbons, a flying start to weight loss is obtained when that fluid puff and pounds disappear. However, in the long run, a suitable weight loss rate is that 0.5 kg/week.

      Anyway, here are 9 very practical tips/knobs for you who can’t count every calorie, but miss the so-called bigger and more common practical tips for weight loss. Often, such                                             small changes may be enough to start fat burning:


           1.Drink only these liquids

 If you want to lose weight, you should learn to drink only water. So at the same time, you stop drinking juices, smoothies, and other nice healthy sugar cubes. That is, just drink:


  • water (a couple of liters per day)
  • coffee/tea (a drop of milk is OK)
  • Light (0 kcal) soda if you want a more exotic taste for your taste buds

Those vitamins (which are annealed on the side of the juice jars) should be taken by the dieter, for example, from a multivitamin tablet rather than juice, if you are worried about getting them.


  1. Curb the snack hunger like this

When you’re in town or on the road and your hunger strikes, don’t take bread, buns, yogurt, or any other carbohydrate rush. Try to eat protein-intensive, e.g.

  • money jar + fruit (ask if you should take one disposable fork/spoon from a meat/salad counter or shop café)
  • a protein bar (e.g. this bar suppresses sweet hunger!)
  • protein-rich drink (these now have an increasingly comprehensive selection – just choose one of the high-protein and low-calorie options, e.g. this one )

The main thing, then, is to replace those bread and bun snacks with protein-rich snacks. Justification in the following paragraph:


  1. Eat carbs carefully

The human body requires a sufficient amount of protein and fat to survive. It may not even need a third nutrient, a carbohydrate.

So if you end up on a desert island and get to choose two of these 3 nutrients, take protein and fat.

Anyway, you don’t have to completely prune the charcoal but use them judiciously. In other words, avoid e.g. these bad carbs:

  • flavored yogurts
  • white bread
  • bun
  • juices/soda

Good carbohydrates can be eaten, eg whole grain pasta, whole grain/rye bread, oatmeal.


  1. Avoid these mistakes on the salad bar

The word salad sounds healthy. In practice, however, it is easy to “ruin” the thing by splashing high-calorie sauces and taking a half-meter piece of baguette on the side.

Use only healthy oils, such as rapeseed or olive oil, as a “sauce”. So not those typical French and Italian sauces found on a salad bar – they’re pretty heavily sugared.

A good salad includes vegetables and lettuce, such as chicken/fish and oil. Pepper and salt if necessary to bring a little flavor.


  1. Do not destroy hunger but move it

For many, the eating intervals may lengthen and then at once, the self-consciousness is eaten away. However, you should plan your day so that you can immerse yourself in it for about 5 meals.

Treat these meals in such a way that you move your hunger to the next meal. Avoid eating to the fullest.


  1. Exercise is not mandatory

You don’t have to go to the gym or jog to lose weight. You will lose weight if you eat less than you consume.

Exercise, of course, gives a boost to fat burning and pleasure hormones, so for that reason, it is definitely worth doing. Gym training is perhaps the best way to shape that own body composition from there to the couch warrior towards the state of the Greek statue.

  1. Use the 90% rule

Did you know that successful weight loss doesn’t require becoming quite 100 percent fitness, Hitler?

It can be done with 90% dedication. You don’t have to give up bun, candy, or miss completely if they make you happy. Keep your diet body in order 90% of the time (9 meals out of ten) and then swim in between your own vices if you need them.

So don’t let your Instagram feeds or fitness diaries put your head as confused as necessary.


  1. Visit the pound only in the morning

Weight loss is often quite a mental struggle. If you own a pound and use it regularly, follow these instructions:

Visit the pound only in the morning, after emptying the bladder. Not at other times. The weight of the body may vary throughout the day, so for that reason always run the weightlifting at the same time, under the same conditions.

That is: only in the mornings and follow the reading on a weekly basis, for example. If you weigh yourself every morning, make a 7-day average at the end of the week. And eg tracking like this:

  • week 1: 88.7kg
  • week 2: 88.2 kg
  • and so on.

Think about weight development on a weekly basis, and not randomly when it hurts. So don’t go hysterically crying at a pound when you’ve just collapsed to destroy family pizza and 300 grams of loose candies. Weight loss is a long-term activity, so rely only on weekly pound readings.

  1. Outsource your thinking and buy yourself a diet

Do you want someone or some system to whip you to stay in line? You can either hire a personal trainer or buy ready-made instructions online on how to eat.

Good luck


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