Utilizing Self-Care during the Covid-19 Crisis

Many of our thoughts have focused on mental and emotional health during this global pandemic. A situation like this (where we are receiving “danger cues” from all around us) can trigger anxiety, panic, shut down/dissociation, and everything in between. Understandably, this might feel like the threat is external (the virus, regulations, news, shortages, financial burdens) as well as internal (inside your body).

There are a few tools and tips that may help you navigate through these days. Please remember that you are the expert of your experience, and we are not! These are only guidelines to experiment with and follow if they help you stay calm, connected, and safe. Please also remember these tools are not a replacement for therapy or medical treatment. Continue to take prescribed medication as directed by your health provider and seek help if needed. 

Also, Be kind to yourself and others if you can. If you're struggling to “follow” any of these or other tips, try looking at yourself with curiosity instead of criticism. You're going through a lot right now. In this pandemic, we are living something that most people alive today haven't had to live through before. Take a deep belly breath. Take a break, even right now, if you need one. This blog will still be waiting for you.

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